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Supports reading, writing full flash (except for the Bosch bootloader area), eeprom blocks, checking and correcting the COP, without the need to open them.

18 000 

Work with ECU Bosch MED17 / EDC17 of Mercedes-Benz.

12 000 

Work with EDC16CP31-6 and EDC16CP31-8 engine control units installed on MB Sprinter 906 and 909 (Classic) cars, as well as EDC16CP31-6 on Dodge Sprinter (906).

7 000 

Module for ECU Bosch ME9/MED9/EDC7/EDC16/PSG16/TCU Bootloader Reading, writing, checking and correction of the COP is supported.

18 000 

Модули PCMFlash для автомобилей Mercedes-Benz